I’ve published my first short story for the eBook markets.  This eSingle represents a test of sorts for our new Evolved Publishing venture.  We wanted to try out Smashwords, and this seemed the perfect opportunity to do so.

I would like to thank Kevin Deal for providing his artistic talents to the cover, and Dan “D.T.” Conklin for lending his critical eye to a review of my manuscript.  His ability to see what my own eyes glossed over, and his excellent suggestions, helped me make it a better story.

As is our way at Evolved Publishing, both Kevin and Dan will be receiving a percentage of my royalties earned on Devane’s Reality, through September 30, 2014.  Because that’s how it should be.

Devane’s Reality is available at Smashwords, in just about every possible electronic format, for just $0.99.  I’d love to hear what you think about it, and would appreciate all reviews posted at Smashwords (or right here).  And of course, if you like it, please spread the word.  

  ‘Til next time, and as always, remember: To write well, you must work hard.  To succeed in this tough gig, you mustn’t be lazy (or discouraged).


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