Forgive Me, Alex


WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Summer 2014 – Best THRILLER


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Psychological Suspense Thriller, Serial Killer, Vigilante Justice

Two men, two methods, two motivations, one darkness–step inside the twisted mind of a killer, and of the man determined to end him at any cost.

Tony Hooper stands in shadow across the street, one amongst many in the crowd of curiosity-hounds gathered to watch a monster’s release. Seventeen years after Mitchell Norton, “the devil,” terrorized Algonquin, Illinois on a spree of kidnapping, torture and murder, the authorities release the butcher from psychiatric prison.

Tony longs to charge across the street to destroy Norton–no remorse–as if stepping on a cockroach. Only sheer force of will prevents his doing so.

“The devil” walks the world again. What shall Tony do about it? Aye, what indeed. After all, this is what Tony does. It’s who he is. The devil himself long ago made Tony into this hunter of monsters.

What a sweet twist of fate this is, that he may still, finally, administer justice. Or will FBI Special Agent Linda Monroe stop him? She owes him her life, so how can she possibly put an end to his?

This story of justice and vengeance, evil and redemption, fear and courage, love and loss, has been called “half Red Dragon and half Flowers for Algernon.”

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Parental Warning: Contains adult language and theme.

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  1. Just finished your first novel … loved it! Please let me know when your next one will be out.

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  3. To all of you who left comments on my old Novel Page: sorry, but I can’t seem to figure out how to move them here. Feel free to re-comment. 🙂

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