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Holiday Reflections – A Sad Look Back, An Optimistic Look Forward

Once again, a Merry Christmas to one and all—be safe, be healthy, be happy. The second of those three—be healthy—is the source of quite a bit of personal reflection these days.

Bob Ashley, R.I.P.

A couple weeks ago, my brother, Bob Ashley, succumbed to cancer. Technically, Bob was my half brother on my father’s side—a father I barely knew. I’ll not go into the dysfunctional details; I’ll just say that I got to know Bob later in life—me in my early 40s, he in his mid-50s. We hit it off nicely, being of like mind in everything from humor (humor was a biggie) to family to politics to just plain living life. I liked Bob instantly. We never thought of each other as “half” brothers, just brothers who discovered each other later than we would have liked.

Despite the fact that Bob and I didn’t see a lot of each other in recent years, living some 1,000 miles apart, keeping in touch primarily through email and social media sites, my appreciation of him did not diminish. Indeed, before he got sick, we were trying to sort out plans for a long overdue visit. Thus, his passing hit home with a thump. Cancer has been such a scourge on my family over the years, as it has been for so many.

I’ve been battling my own health issue these past few years, a condition call Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS). Again, I’ll spare you the details, except to say that it threw my life into a state of turmoil back in 2006. Since then, I’ve been battling my way back, sorting out a new, productive path to a brighter future, building hope and optimism back into my life. It’s been a tough slog, but the light at the end of the tunnel grows nearer, larger—I can almost reach out and touch it.

And so, through it all, and as I reflect on life during this holiday season, I can’t help but be reminded that nothing—absolutely nothing—is more important than your health, and the health and wellbeing of family and friends.

I hope you and yours are enjoying the blessings not just of the season, but of life without excessive worry or loss.

This one’s for you, Bob. Go gently into that good night, brother, and rest easy.


Is Time Even Real?

I watched The Science Channel yesterday while having breakfast, a show hosted by Morgan Freeman called Through the Wormhole, and the subject was time.  The essential argument related to the properties of the so-called fourth dimension.

One scientist went so far as to argue that time is an illusion, not real, a construct of the human mind.  Only space exists, and it does so whether or not time is real.

I responded with a literary metaphor, and I think I should copyright it right here and now, before it slips away from me.  So here it is.

Time is the page upon which the story of space is written.  Burn the page, and the story is lost.

Someday, I think, we’re going to throw out the rest and decide that there really is only one dimension: space-time.  We’ll see.

‘Til next time, and as always, remember: To write well, you must work hard.  To succeed in this tough gig, you mustn’t be lazy (or discouraged).


Subscription Feeds

It turns out I didn’t properly set up all my subscription feeds, and they weren’t working.  Sorry about that; still getting the hang of all this new tech stuff.  You can also now subscribe by email, as requested by some folks.

You’ll find the feed button and email subscription box near the upper right corner of the Home page.

I hope to see my “Readers” counter, which I also just added, climb soon.  Thanks.


Online Test (you can ignore this): MA5VW72FMSHK


I’ve published my first short story for the eBook markets.  This eSingle represents a test of sorts for our new Evolved Publishing venture.  We wanted to try out Smashwords, and this seemed the perfect opportunity to do so.

I would like to thank Kevin Deal for providing his artistic talents to the cover, and Dan “D.T.” Conklin for lending his critical eye to a review of my manuscript.  His ability to see what my own eyes glossed over, and his excellent suggestions, helped me make it a better story.

As is our way at Evolved Publishing, both Kevin and Dan will be receiving a percentage of my royalties earned on Devane’s Reality, through September 30, 2014.  Because that’s how it should be.

Devane’s Reality is available at Smashwords, in just about every possible electronic format, for just $0.99.  I’d love to hear what you think about it, and would appreciate all reviews posted at Smashwords (or right here).  And of course, if you like it, please spread the word.  

  ‘Til next time, and as always, remember: To write well, you must work hard.  To succeed in this tough gig, you mustn’t be lazy (or discouraged).


Evolved Publishing Website Launched

Our new Evolved Publishing website is now ready for public consumption.  Please stop by.

For those of you who’ve expressed an interest in our group, when you get to the HOME page, just click on the ABOUT page at top.

If, upon reading of who and what we are, you’d like to dig further, just click on our APPLY page.  Find the section that best describes your interest (Authors, Editors, Artists).  Of course, feel free to meet some of our members while you’re there.

By the way, kudos to Kevin Deal for producing the great images on our website.  You’ll find him on our ARTISTS page.

I hope to hear from some of you soon.



I’ve been working for the past week or so not just to establish this website, which is getting there, but also to update accordingly all of my other online presences.  In the process of doing so, it has occurred to me just how disengaged I’ve been, at least at most of those sites, over the past year or so.

I was so distraught over the state of the publishing business—specifically, the old mainstream, brick and mortar publishing business—and the sheer folly of trying to break into that as a first-time author of thrillers, I just checked out.  I told myself I would re-engage when the market recovered.  Sure.

Now that I’ve concluded that the old mainstream market wallows in the throes of slow death, and now that I’ve decided to move forward in the e-Publishing arena, I feel positively reinvigorated.

Yes, I have re-engaged.  Feels good.

I still have plenty of work to do, not the least of which is a final polish (I swear it’s my last one!) of my manuscript.  I just wanted to take one last spin through, and should finish that by the end of April.  I also have to finalize the plans I’m kicking around to develop a team, an e-Publishing Group, to maximize the likelihood of success.  I’m a bit apprehensive, simply because this is a new arena, yet I’m fired-up for the same reason.  I love putting on my troubleshooter’s cap and brainstorming new possibilities.  Fun stuff.

I’m a couple weeks away from announcing my full plan (I should say our plan, as I’m working it out with my first teammate) to some select individuals, and possibly opening it up to potential participants (primarily writers with similar goals), but I can’t keep my brain from running a thousand miles per hour.

Man!  I should have listened to my own advice, which I offer at the end of all my blog posts:

‘Til next time, and as always, remember:   To write well, you must work hard.  To succeed in this tough gig, you mustn’t be lazy (or discouraged).


All a-Twitter

I’m not entirely sure of the value of Twitter at this point, since I’m new to the process.  I suppose I just have to keep at it and keep at it and keep at it—the trick to all such web self-promotion.

You can follow me on Twitter by clicking on the link icon at the upper right side of this page.

‘Til next time, and as always, remember: To write well, you must work hard.  To succeed in this tough gig, you mustn’t be lazy.



Welcome to my NEW WEBSITE

Thanks for stopping by. If you’ve been accustomed to my other websites, including my Diamond Perspective” blog, I will be moving everything over here in the near future. I hope you’ll bookmark it and visit regularly. A quick note as I continue to build this site: If you need to contact me about an editing job, about the upcoming release of my new novel, about anything at all, email me at

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