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The Big Day is HERE! My eBooks are FREE TODAY ONLY at Amazon!

Yowza! Here it is: THE BIG DAY. Yep, you can get each of these items ABSOLUTELY FREE today at Amazon (just click on the covers):

A psychological thriller novel.

Tony Hooper stands in shadow across the street, one amongst many in the crowd of curiosity-hounds gathered to watch a monster’s release. Seventeen years after Mitchell Norton, “the devil,” terrorized Algonquin, Illinois on a spree of kidnapping, torture and murder, the authorities release the butcher from psychiatric prison.

“The devil” walks the world again. What shall Tony do about it? Aye, what indeed.


A short story anthology featuring 10 terrific stories by 10 talented authors, including my story “One Last Thought.”

These highly polished stories cross many genres, offering a little something for everyone. Enjoy them one at a time as you have a few minutes, or devour the whole book in one sitting.


A psychological adventure short story.

What would you do if you awoke to a world occupied by only one… you? Don’t judge Lawrence Steven Devane too harshly until you’ve walked a few months in his shoes.


A feel-good South American adventure short story.

Doctors Without Borders has just the spot for Doc Sheehan, and Pablo is glad Doc came. The local historian and storyteller believes in paying it forward, even if no one can understand quite how he pulled it off.


Yep, each of these eBooks is FREE for 1 DAY ONLY at Amazon, on Wednesday, January 18th. Don’t miss out, and please enjoy.


These eBooks by Lane Diamond are now available to Amazon Prime members.

I’ve decided to participate in the Amazon KDP Select program, making my following titles available to Amazon Prime members through their lending library.

Psychological thriller novel, Forgive Me, Alex.

Psychological adventure short story, Devane’s Reality.

Feel-good South American adventure short story, Wind Tunnel.

I think this offers a terrific opportunity to my readers. I hope you’ll agree, and that you’ll take advantage, and that you’ll tell the world, and we’ll have peace on Earth, rainbows on the moon and—-

Err… okay, got a little carried away there.


Raffle for Free eBook Copy of “Forgive Me, Alex” – Hosted by Tim Ward

Book blogger, podcaster, and all-around friend of authors, Tim Ward, is hosting a raffle today for a FREE copy of my eBook, Forgive Me, Alex. There is absolutely no purchase required, and no obligation of any kind.

However, we offered to sweeten the pot for the lucky winner: If you win the raffle, and if you subsequently post a review of Forgive Me, Alex online, at the site from which you downloaded the book, we will provide you with a second free eBook – any book published by Evolved Publishing.

Oh, and he’s also giving away a copy of my short story, Wind Tunnel. Nice.

Check it all out at Tim’s website. But hurry! It runs for a week.


Why set psychological thriller, “Forgive Me, Alex,” in sleepy little Algonquin, Illinois?

Yes, there is a method to my madness. Let’s face it: when we think serial killers and places like… oh, New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles—any big city—we think, “Yeah, that’s just how it is.”

Yet when we think of human monsters assaulting small-town America, some out-of-the-way, comfortable little bedroom community or rural farm country, a certain sense of shock and dismay assaults us. Such locations are the “good” places, the quiet places where everyone knows his neighbors, the idyllic settings where bad things don’t happen—at least, where bad unnatural things don’t happen.

It’s silly, of course, since senseless murder is a horrifying event no matter where it occurs. Yet we feel differently about it when it happens someplace… safe. It upsets our fragile psychology, our sense of security, our comfort in letting the kids walk several blocks to school. Surely, no monsters hide in places like this.

Ah, but evil can lurk even where we least expect it. All the cruel beasts need is a supply of unwary subjects, a source of fuel to drive their sick, twisted, psychopathic engine.

Thus, I chose Algonquin, Illinois, my hometown, as the setting for Forgive Me, Alex, because it is just such a place. I felt comfortable helping the reader feel that sense of angst because, after all, I grew up there. I know it. I don’t spend too much time building up the setting, because I think that, beyond the aforementioned small-town qualities, the story would be effective in any small town. I do hope, however, that you get a sense of the simple, quiet nature of the place.

Don’t forget: You still have a few days to save $2.00 on the book at Smashwords. Just use Coupon Code BC83B. Don’t forget to post your review when done.

Thank you, and happy New Year.


A Quick Holiday Promotion – 2.00 OFF “Forgive Me, Alex” at Smashwords

Merry Christmas, everyone! I sure hope you have a safe and special holiday season.

In that spirit, I’m offering a Special $2.00 OFF Promotion on my new psychological thriller, Forgive Me, Alex, through the first of the year. Just pop into Smashwords (all eBook formats) and use Coupon Code: BC83B.

While you’re there, be sure to grab my short story, Paradox, which is always FREE. Thank you!


New and Improved Website for Evolved Publishing

Well, D.T. Conklin and I (mostly Dan) have been working on a new website for Evolved Publishing, this one menu-driven and more dynamic. We like it, and we think you will too. Check it out.

We haven’t got all the bells and whistles 100% yet, particularly for blog subscriptions and the like. We’ll have that all addressed before the new year, at which point we’ll actually start blogging there as a group.

Evolved Publishing moves onward and upward, and the happy days continue.


What’s that you say? You don’t have an eReader? Fear not, for you can still read eBooks right on your PC.

If you’d like to be able to read eBooks, such as my debut psychological thriller, Forgive Me, Alex, (wink, wink), but you don’t have an eReader device like a Kindle, Nook or iPad, you can use FREE software to read the eBook right on your PC.

You have three easy choices:

1. If you think a Kindle may be in your future, start out by downloading the appropriate Free Kindle Reading App from Amazon. It’s free and safe, and works great (I use Kindle for PC all the time).

2. Amazon has also made it possible to read your eBooks anywhere there’s an internet connection, using their Kindle Cloud Reader. I just set it up for myself. Nice.

3. If you think a Nook or an iPad (or iPhone) may be in your future, start out by downloading Adobe Digital Editions, which uses the more commonly accepted EPUB formatting for eBooks.

I’ve used all 3 methods above, and they all work great. Just choose the one that’s right for you, and then download your eBooks from Amazon, Smashwords or BookieJar, whichever you prefer.

And good reading!


A Big Week Coming Up from Evolved Publishing, Including Lane Diamond’s New Psychological Thriller

Well, next week is going to be exciting for me, and for several of my colleagues at Evolved Publishing. Let’s start with the BIG DAY.

December 20, 2011

Cover by Josh Evans

Oh yeah! My novel, Forgive Me, Alex, will be available as an eBook (sorry, but print version won’t be available for a couple months). I’ve been delaying this to focus on other Evolved Publishing business these past few months, but I’m pleased to finally—Finally!—release this book. The good news about the delay is that I’ve done some additional polishing, aided by the keen eye and strange mind of D.T. Conklin, and the story is stronger and more compelling than ever. I think you’ll agree. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed.)

Cover by Josh Evans

Also available on the 20th will be a book I had the pleasure of editing, Kimberly Kinrade’s lower-grade chapter book, Lexie World. This is the first installment in Kimberly’s The Three Lost Kids Trilogy. The book includes several great full color pictures from our artist fantastique, Josh Evans. The two of them have combined to create a series that will not only charm and thrill kids, but provide important lessons, as well.


Cover by Sarah Shaw

A third book from Evolved Publishing will hit the eShelves that day—Evolution: Vol. 1. This is a collection of short stories resulting from our first Short Story Contest. It includes 7 terrific stories from 7 excellent authors who participated in the contest. It also includes 3 short stories from the EP stable—me, D.T. Conklin and Ruby Standing Deer. This anthology results from the first of our semi-annual Short Story Contests. Our next one opens up for submissions in mid-February, and we’ll release Evolution: Vol. 2 in June 2012.

Christmas and New Year’s Day

Cover by Michael Baca

By Christmas day, we’ll be releasing Circles, by Ruby Standing Deer. Once again, it has been my pleasure to edit this piece. Ruby’s historical fiction novel, set some 500 years ago, features a Native American tribe enjoying the pleasures of a simple life, yet struggling to survive upheaval. This charming cast of characters will capture your heart, with their extraordinary family bonds and easy sense of humor.


Cover by Josh Evans

Some time between Christmas and New Year’s Day, the second installment in Kimberly Kinrade’s The Three Lost Kids Trilogy will be out—Bella World. Once again, she has teamed up with artist Josh Evans to create a spectacular lower-grade adventure.


Cover by Josh Evans

Hot on the heels of that will be Maddie World, the third installment in the trilogy….

Cover by Josh Evans

…followed quickly by the omnibus edition that combines all three books in a single Three Lost Kids edition.



And so, as you can see, it’s gonna be a fun holiday season! I’ll be back on the release dates with all the appropriate links for purchase. Please enjoy!

And please, have a safe and prosperous holiday season. Merry Christmas!


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