This Post is for Everyone:

What a horrendous year!

So yeah, 2020… the year that keeps on giving. Thus far, 2021 is not looking much better, and in some cases worse. Gah! Whatever. Life goes on, so….

On the publishing, editing, and writing front, things are moving ahead slowly but surely. In my role as publisher and managing editor at Evolved Publishing (and personal editor for several authors), I’ve been busier than a 1-legged mule in an ass-kicking contest. Indeed, I’ve struggled to get caught up, but am determined to do so before… oh… 2029.

On the writing front… sigh. Not much to report there. No time. Maybe another day, or week, or month, or….

On the newsletter front, now that I have some actual subscribers (Hey, welcome to all my new subscribers!), I’ll be firing off a couple of newsletters: 1) For readers, this will come shortly, and will focus on a couple of nice opportunities; 2) For writers, I expect to have something out by the end of March — it’s a critical subject that I’m passionate about, and one that will help you greatly (he says modestly).

In the meantime, need a little listening entertainment? Hey, check out this page (he says modestly):