2020, 2021, and…?

It’s fair for all of us, at this point, to ask if this madness overtaking the world is EVER going to end. I see signs that people are finally fighting back and seeking to regain control of their lives, and this encourages me. However, I know it will be no easy thing, and so, some level of frustration and uncertainty remain.

And yet….

Life does, indeed, go on. It must. So let’s get back at it, shall we?

On the writing front, I have no real news to report, sadly. It’s just so hard for me to find time right now, but that too will change at some point, probably not until early 2022. Then I plan to dive headlong into finishing THE DEVIL’S BANE, Book 2 of my “Tony Hooper” series of suspense thrillers.

On the publishing (Evolved Publishing) and editing front, I’m still busier than a 1-legged mule in an ass-kicking contest, but hey… that’s the gig, so no complaints. I’ve been really pleased to help bring to market some great books in 2021. Here’s a list (in chronological order):

At the moment, I’m editing 9 books. Yeah… 9. I know what you’re thinking: What do you do with all your free time? Well, I like music and long walks on the beach and… uh… never mind.

I’m also doing all that I do as a publisher for Evolved Publishing (EP), which includes a lot of discussion about marketing these days. Have I mentioned that the last two years have been a bit challenging?

Thank God for cognac. And whiskey. And rum. No, no… really, as a rule I don’t drink. Well, as a habit I do, but as a rule….

Anyway, life does go on. I hope you’ll check out some of those books. They’re really great work, as is always the case from EP. Take good care of you and yours, and be well. God bless.