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Pssst… You Want a Couple of FREE Short Stories?

Evolved Publishing has graciously allowed me to share this bit of good news with folks who visit my website, so….

It so happens that for just the next few days (expires November 30th), you can get two of my short stories FREE through Smashwords. All you have to do is click on the appropriate link below, and enter the 5-character coupon code listed. Nice and easy. And don’t worry if you don’t have a Smashwords account, as it’s easy – and free – to set one up.

So here are those links and codes:

Devane’s Reality at Smashwords (Use this Code: NE37A)

Paradox at Smashwords (Use this Code: UY53K)

These stories are similar in theme, if different in basic genre. They each explore the fragility of the human mind. I sure hope you like them, and that you’ll take a moment to post your heartfelt reviews at Smashwords after reading them.


The Big Day is HERE! My eBooks are FREE TODAY ONLY at Amazon!

Yowza! Here it is: THE BIG DAY. Yep, you can get each of these items ABSOLUTELY FREE today at Amazon (just click on the covers):

A psychological thriller novel.

Tony Hooper stands in shadow across the street, one amongst many in the crowd of curiosity-hounds gathered to watch a monster’s release. Seventeen years after Mitchell Norton, “the devil,” terrorized Algonquin, Illinois on a spree of kidnapping, torture and murder, the authorities release the butcher from psychiatric prison.

“The devil” walks the world again. What shall Tony do about it? Aye, what indeed.


A short story anthology featuring 10 terrific stories by 10 talented authors, including my story “One Last Thought.”

These highly polished stories cross many genres, offering a little something for everyone. Enjoy them one at a time as you have a few minutes, or devour the whole book in one sitting.


A psychological adventure short story.

What would you do if you awoke to a world occupied by only one… you? Don’t judge Lawrence Steven Devane too harshly until you’ve walked a few months in his shoes.


A feel-good South American adventure short story.

Doctors Without Borders has just the spot for Doc Sheehan, and Pablo is glad Doc came. The local historian and storyteller believes in paying it forward, even if no one can understand quite how he pulled it off.


Yep, each of these eBooks is FREE for 1 DAY ONLY at Amazon, on Wednesday, January 18th. Don’t miss out, and please enjoy.


Forbidden Deals with Evolved Publishing – 4 eBooks, 1 Low Price

Do you enjoy a great read? Do you love getting lost in a different world? How about getting four fantastic tales for the price of one?

To celebrate the launch of the riveting YA paranormal thriller/romance “Forbidden Mind,” by Kimberly Kinrade, Evolved Publishing is offering an extra-special deal. If you buy a copy of “Forbidden Mind” from any online vendor, you will get three short stories for free! That’s right, FREE! And these are good, folks.

I should know. I wrote two of them. 🙂

All you have to do is email EP at with your purchase receipt for “Forbidden Mind,” and they’ll send you Smashwords coupons for the three short stories.

Buy it on Amazon, Smashwords, BookieJar (Also available on iBooks as an eBook and Barnes & Noble in paperback).

Look at what you get for just $3.99:

Forbidden Mind by Kimberly Kinrade

“Do not make any plans on the day you begin, as once you start, you will not be able to put it down.” – L.M. Stull

“…hooked me in from the beginning.” – L.E. Manning

“This book was fantastic!” – P. Larsen

“Forbidden Mind is beautifully written and worth your reading time.” – BookWormSans “Definite must read. For once you start, you simply can’t stop. 5 out of 5 stars!” – H. Badgwell


Summary Sam thinks she’s months away from freedom. After spending her life in a secret school, rented out to the rich and powerful as a paranormal spy, she is ready to head to college like any normal eighteen-year-old.

Only Sam isn’t normal. She reads minds. And just before her big going-away party, she links to the mind of a young man who changes everything.

Drake wasn’t raised as a ‘Rent-A-Kid.’ He was kidnapped and taken there by force. But his exceptional physical strength and powers of mind control make him very dangerous, especially to Sam.

When they meet, Sam is forced to face the truth of her situation, and to acknowledge that not all is as it seems in her picture-perfect world. For what awaits her on her eighteenth birthday isn’t a trip to college, but an unexpected nightmare from which she may not be able to escape.

To survive, they must work together.

But will their powers be enough to save them before it’s too late?


The Sword of Oops by D.T. Conklin

“This is a fun read. You will laugh at several points. This story is something you can finish on your lunch break without issue. It’s good for a day you are in need of a laugh.” – M.J. Kaufmann

“Fun read.” – N. Mazoni

“It reminded my of a Coen Brothers film in that it is very humorous, featuring bumbling characters caught up in something far beyond their comprehension. The Sword of Oops provides good solid laughs!” – J.R. Evans


Devane’s Reality by Lane Diamond

“I’ve finally found someone in Lane Diamond who can actually write – no mistakes, perfect grammar and structure – a breath of fresh air. Lane Diamond weaves a logical thread through “Devane’s Reality,” until revealing an ending that, while not completely surprising, is both clever and satisfying. He offers a nice mix: funny, poignant, sad, intriguing – and I love the diary mechanism.” – Steve Z.

“This haunting short story by talented author Lane Diamond explores the fragility of the mind, and shows that there is more than one kind of loneliness. I highly recommend this well-written short.” – K. Kinrade


Wind Tunnel by Lane Diamond

“The story is a well-crafted character study about a doctor facing an interesting choice in his life. How he handles it and the perspective he maintains the entire time is what really makes this little gem glow!” – J.R. Evans

“I first discovered Lane Diamond through his short story “Devane’s Reality.” What can I say? I’m hooked on this guy. He just knows how to write. “Wind Tunnel” is, as a previous reviewer stated, a feel-good story. It’s character-driven, and I enjoyed each of the two primary characters. The ending leaves the reader with some minor contemplation, which I actually enjoyed. Once again, I’m happy to recommend Lane Diamond.” – Steve Z.


Wind Tunnel – A Short Story

My second short story, Wind Tunnel, is more of a feel-good affair than my first one, Devane’s Reality.  It is now available through AmazonSmashwords and BookieJar.

Set first in Chicago and later in Argentina, it serves as a reminder that it pays to do good.  Call it karma, call it paying-it-forward, call it what you will—sometimes, all is right with the universe.

Thanks to D.T. Conklin for his exacting edit, and to Josh Evans for the vibrant cover.

‘Til next time, and as always, remember: To write well, you must work hard.  To succeed in this tough gig, you mustn’t be lazy (or discouraged).


Writers Need To Make a Living Too

A recent online article by C. Hope Clark, Are we speaking for free, too?, prompted me to dust off a piece I wrote long ago at I’ve decided to reprise it here, since I have a primarily new audience.

What’s a writer?

I once installed a new kitchen sink and garbage disposal in my condo. That doesn’t make me a plumber. I once built some shelves for my closet. That doesn’t make me a carpenter. I once watched a meteor shower streak through the night sky. That doesn’t make me an astronomer.

Writers are professionals. Professionals are paid for their work. Hence, writers are paid for their work.

Everyone else is an “aspiring writer,” or a hobbyist.

As an example, if you write short fiction and you’ve looked around at print markets for your work, you’ve no doubt discovered that more outlets don’t pay than do pay. Sure, they may offer “2 free contributor copies.” Oh goodie! Now I can eat something besides PB&J sandwiches and macaroni & cheese. Oh wait! Never mind.

Just in case that’s not bad enough, you might subsequently have this conversation:

MAGAZINE EDITOR: I discovered that you posted your story on a website where people have access to it.

ME: That’s right. It’s an interactive writer’s site. We review each other’s material and offer some constructive feedback, perhaps a little encouragement. We can all use more of that.

EDITOR: Sure, but people can read your story there.

ME: Yes, this story has had 138 views as of this morning, primarily by other writers, no doubt.

EDITOR: See, that’s what we consider “previously published,” and we expect “First-Time” rights.

ME: But it’s 138 people.

EDITOR: That doesn’t matter.

ME: 138. That’s 138 people in the whole world. How many of those do you suppose are part of your 1,200 subscribers?

EDITOR: That’s not the point. We pay for first-time rights.

ME: Really? What do you pay?

EDITOR: We pay 2 free contributor copies.

ME: Oh goodie! Now I can pay the rent this month!

(Pregnant pause)

Imagine calling a plumber to install your new water heater:

YOU: I’d like you to remove the old water heater, install my new one in the same spot, and dispose of the old one.

PLUMBER: Okay, that will require three hours of labor, which costs $270. Additionally, there’s a $50 fee for disposing of your old water heater.

YOU: Well, I don’t actually offer money for plumbing services, but I will pay “2 free written references.” Man, that’s gonna look good on your resume!

(Pregnant pause)

Yeah, how’s that new water heater working out?

It’s amazing how many magazine editors think we writers should feel “honored” that they want to publish our material… absolutely free. Yep, we should be thrilled that their 1,200 readers (Oh joy!), or 800 readers (How wonderful!), or 300 readers (Are you kidding me?) are going to read our story.

Let’s close out that first conversation:

EDITOR: You know, this would be a good job if it weren’t for you damned writers!

Yeah, it’s so nice to be loved and respected.

I’ll give you a little hint, Dear Writer: You create this problem for yourself… every time you agree to work for free. The sooner we all stop doing that, the sooner we’ll get paid for our work. You have the power. We have the power, and it’s time for a little peaceful revolution.

‘Til next time, and as always, remember: To write well, you must work hard. To succeed in this tough gig, you mustn’t be lazy (or discouraged).

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