If you’d like to be able to read eBooks, such as my debut psychological thriller, Forgive Me, Alex, (wink, wink), but you don’t have an eReader device like a Kindle, Nook or iPad, you can use FREE software to read the eBook right on your PC.

You have three easy choices:

1. If you think a Kindle may be in your future, start out by downloading the appropriate Free Kindle Reading App from Amazon. It’s free and safe, and works great (I use Kindle for PC all the time).

2. Amazon has also made it possible to read your eBooks anywhere there’s an internet connection, using their Kindle Cloud Reader. I just set it up for myself. Nice.

3. If you think a Nook or an iPad (or iPhone) may be in your future, start out by downloading Adobe Digital Editions, which uses the more commonly accepted EPUB formatting for eBooks.

I’ve used all 3 methods above, and they all work great. Just choose the one that’s right for you, and then download your eBooks from Amazon, Smashwords or BookieJar, whichever you prefer.

And good reading!