I’ll start with this quick note to followers of my blog: Since I write, when I actually manage to find the time, for both readers and writers, I’ll start each post as I do above, with an indication of who its intended audience is. And now… on to the post.


Like all authors, I started out, and was driven to the craft, as a reader. I so loved books that I wanted to be one of those who provided them to others. Well, I now do so in two ways: 1) I’m an author, and; 2) I’m a publisher (Evolved Publishing). I shall speak now as the second.

Occasionally, I’ve been fortunate to “discover” some great works by some truly talented authors. Well, in fairness, the authors discovered Evolved Publishing (EP), and I was simply lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to bring them onto the team. I’ll probably be blogging about some of those specific authors, and their works, in coming weeks. For now, I want to speak about one particular book, because you can now get it while it’s on sale.

Hannah’s Voice by Robb Grindstaff

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It’s no wonder Mr. Grindstaff’s book has garnered an average rating at Amazon of 4.9 Stars (30 5-star, 4 4-star, and nothing lower). Simply put, Hannah’s Voice is one of those stories, featuring an extraordinary character in Hannah Cross, that will likely remain with you long after you’ve finished it. Indeed, like me, you may be itching to read it again not long after completing it the first time.

When Robb first submitted his manuscript to us, I was buried under so much work that I was a bit burned out, and the submissions were a big part of what were wearing me down. I’d recently rejected about 49 out of 50 submissions, and I was becoming disheartened. I waded into Hannah’s Voice frustrated and jaded, thinking, ‘Let’s see how long it takes me to reject this one.’ Imagine my delight as I read page after page without even realizing that I was already 25 pages in before thinking, ‘Holy cats, this is fantastic!’

And I’d barely scratched the surface, for Hannah’s Voice did what every great book does: it started out strong, and got better with each page… right up to the end. When I finished it, my first thought when seeking to describe it was, ‘You know what? This reminds me quite a bit of A Prayer for Owen Meany.’ That great book by John Irving has long been one of my favorites, and Hannah’s Voice stands right alongside it. The stories share certain thematic qualities, and they both feature characters that are uniquely intriguing (and of course, solid writing).

Having not yet lost my mind, I moved quickly to bring Robb onto the Evolved Publishing team, and to get Hannah’s Voice into our catalog. And I’m so happy to share with readers this great book, about which I am (obviously) unabashedly enthusiastic. I simply can’t recommend it strongly enough. You will love it; of that, I have no doubt.

Hannah’s Voice is on sale for 3 days only!

You can pick up your eBook copy of this amazing story for just $0.99 (SAVE $3.00), but only through Wednesday, August 28th. If ever you were going to try a new author, this is the time.

HannahsVoiceSale price available only at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.