Sure… great fun… like gangrene. Pandemic, more pandemic, even more pandemic, and then such good financial times… and by good, of course, I mean ridiculously horrendous. And now come all the after-effects of 5 billion people getting poisonous jabs.

And yet, what is one to do but simply plug away and hope the sunshine breaks through the clouds sooner rather than later? I am ever the optimist, which is why I just assumed my wife quit smoking cigarettes when I started finding cigar butts lying around the house. (My wife is gonna kill me for that joke.)

I’ve been woefully absent from my own website the last couple of years, but I’m actually planning on posting one blog a month moving forward – no more of this once-a-year nonsense. So what should we talk about, in this crazy book business, at a time when no one seems to be buying books? Aye, there’s the rub.

The answer is to do what we do. I still edit, and publish, and someday, I might even write some of my own stuff again. Someday, when I have time, like maybe in 2073. In the meantime, my fellow authors at Evolved Publishing have been putting out some great books that are getting awesome reviews, winning hard-fought awards, and deserving of a much greater audience. Maybe, together, we can help. I hope so.

I’ve been editing a bunch of those, and have also taken on a couple of side projects worth noting, so I’ll be talking about some of those in the coming months. For starters, I’d like to present a series about which I’m really excited: “Uncommon Bonds” by William E. Noland.

The first book, Playing with Fire, has already been recognized with a couple of nice awards:

  • FINALIST: Independent Author Network – Book of the Year 2022 –
  • WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Fall 2022 –

Additionally, it has 3 separate 5-star reviews from the folks at Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, and at Amazon, all 13 current reviews are 5-star affairs. Yep, folks are loving it. That includes me. As I was editing, I became a real fan, hooked on the two primary characters. You’re gonna love it too.

Now the second book, Hammer to Fall, is available, and I have no doubt it will be as well-received as the first book. In April, the third book, From the Beginning (that link will be live soon, if it isn’t already), is coming, so this is a prefect time to jump into this series.

Whether you’re a fan of suspense thrillers, speculative fiction, horror, or urban fantasy, this fantastic genre crossover series is one you’re going to really enjoy, so check it out… and thank you for your support.

UNCOMMON BONDS Series by William E. Noland