Devane’s Reality – A Short Story

How does one cope with complete and utter loneliness, living in a world occupied by one? Lawrence Steven Devane does not react well when plunged into precisely this situation.

"I yearn to meet a one-legged, one-armed, one-eyed, elderly gypsy woman who spends every waking minute singing show tunes with a voice like a howler monkey undergoing torture...."

Enjoy this mind-bending short story. At a bit over 3,600 words, this fun adventure is the perfect short diversion from your daily grind.

"I couldn't help but think of 'Where Is Everybody?', the first episode ever of the iconic American television anthology series The Twilight Zone. This is a well written, thought provoking, haunting, disturbing tale... it draws real emotion. What more can you ask?" ~ Michael Reviews

About the Book

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Lane Diamond – Author, Interior Designer
D.T. Conklin – Editor
Kevin Deal – Cover Artist

Genres: Psychological Thriller, Short Story
Tag: eBook
Publisher: Evolved Publishing LLC
Publication Year: 2011
Format: eBook
Length: 3,628 Words (Short Story)
ISBN: 9781622539499
List Price: $0.99 eBook Only
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