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Okay, be honest.  When you saw the title of this post, you thought, “Ah geez, do I even want to read that?”

Unless you’re a word geek, you hate grammar—as a subject; as a list of rules you must learn, and to which you must adhere; as an 80-lb ball and chain tied around your ankle and preventing you from sprinting to the finish line.

Yet language is little more than a recognizable set of rules by which we communicate.  No rules?  No language.

Can we ever break the rules?  Of course, but be careful.  Pick your spots, make sure they lend your prose a nice punch, and keep them to a minimum.

You’ll find the rest of this discussion here: When Is Good Grammar Required?

‘Til next time, and as always, remember: To write well, you must work hard.  To succeed in this tough gig, you mustn’t be lazy (or discouraged).



  1. Taylor Napolsky


    I just found this website, I found it from your posts on Gaughrins site. Anyways, nice site, I read the opener to your book and it looks good.

    Regarding the question, I try to use proper grammar when I write, but not always. I don't know, sometimes it gets in the way.

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