I’ve received three emails the past couple days asking essentially the same thing: “Hey, Diamond, no blog posts this week?  Wass’up with that?”

Well… err… um… let’s see… I’ve been just a bit busy.

So I thought I might add to a relaxing Sunday (well, I’m working, but that’s okay) an update on projects under construction.

The biggest chunk of my time the past couple weeks has been dedicated to editing. I’m happy to say that, excepting a few minor, last minute adjustments by Megan Morrison, we’re ready to release her debut memoir, And Then It Rained: Lessons for Life.  It will be available as an eBook on November 12th.

The second big piece I’ve been working on is Ruby Standing Deer’s debut historical novel, Circles, which features a charming cast of Native American characters from 500 years ago.  We have a ways to go, but her eBook will be available before Christmas.


I’ve also been working with three authors “off-line,” as it were, in the hopes they might eventually join our Evolved Publishing family. They’re not quite ready—needed a little “online writing class” first, to address a few nagging bad habits—but this process will make them better prepared to complete or edit their WIPs.  Even if they don’t join EP in the end, I hope they’ll find the exercise helpful.

This weekend I’ve been putting the finishing touches on all our current project contracts for EP. I spend a lot of time on our business these days—no surprise there. Marketing research and strategies have accounted for a lot of that time, and we’re looking at a couple of potential new authors for our group. We’re hoping to add perhaps an author every month or two—not sure we could handle more than that at the moment, given our workloads.

As for the EP release schedule, in addition to the two books mentioned above, please, let us not forget my book. Forgive Me, Alex has been a long time coming—much longer than I would have liked—but I’m finally setting aside the time to finish the final polish. I hope the eBook will be available by Thanksgiving, but it may be a week or so later. I’ll keep you posted.

This coming week I’ll be a little more engaged in this blog and in some social media sites I’ve neglected recently. So little time, so much COGNAC WORK.