Well-Suited Sentry – A Short Story

Well-Suited Sentry – A Short Story

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Genres: Horror, Short Story
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This prison sentry is unlike any other. You don't want to cross him. Better that you should remain in your cell and follow the rules, and not tempt fate - or his wrath.

...The prison rose out of the cornfields, a concrete and steel monstrosity about as likely in this serene setting as an elephant in an igloo. The sentry couldn't help but smile at the thought. With no one else to amuse him, to distract him, to help push his days contentedly forward, he often amused himself in such ways.

...'I've done my work too well,' he thought. 'Opportunities to spill blood are so rare these days.'

Enjoy this classical horror short story. At a bit over 2,200 words, this fun adventure is the perfect short diversion from your daily grind.

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